The Experience


Galapagos experience...

We welcome you to Galapagos, the paradise where you can experience and explore the wonders and beauties of the world's most unique destination on board The Galapagos Seaman Journey, which will heighten your experience as you sail the open waters of the Pacific all the while you enjoy quality service, breath taking views, and awe in amazement at this natural wonder. The Galapagos Islands offers travelers a diverse variety of animals, and landscapes, such as the blue-footed boobie, white sanded beaches home to huge colonies of sea lions, see one of the world’s largest  albatross colonies, pay a visit to one of the many blow holes scattered throughout the islands, and much, much more. Galapagos has something to offer every traveling enthusiast no matter what the time of year is. The Journey I will take you and your loved ones to each destination to experience the wildlife in their natural habitat. We invite you to visit the Galapagos Island, it will be a memorable experience that you will never forget.